In 1962, Maxwell Kohl opened the first departmental store, Kohl’s, in Brookfield, Wisconsin soon after the success of Kohl’s grocery chain. After only a few years, Kohl’s department store was able to secure a renowned position in the niche of discounters and higher-end department stores. It became nationwide famous and one of the most preferred chains by the people. By the year 1972, the branches of Kohl’s store increased and gone up to a total of five. Now, there are approximately more than 730 outlets of the store around 41 states of the country.

In the United States of America, Kohl’s Corporation is considered to be the largest departmental store which is also extremely affordable by the people with mid-level household income. The store effectively manages to sell goods at a low retail price for people to easily buy essentials for their loved ones and to decorate their homes. Additionally, all of the Kohl’s stores are appropriately designed for one-stop shopping purpose for the ease and convenience of people to easily find everything in one place instead of struggling through different stores for different items.

A huge variety of everyday use items are available at Kohl’s that include groceries, clothing, automobile parts and lubricants, and home accessories etc. One of the greatest qualities of Kohl’s is their policy of encouraging national high-quality brands at their stores. They are always offering certain coupon discounts to encourage middle class people to get what they need. Furthermore, Kohl’s also offers online shopping option to make grocery shopping much simpler and convenient for everyone.