How flowers affect people mood

How flowers affect people mood

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We humans are marvelous creations of God, we have created so much stuff of our own and yet we are prone to simple things of nature such as smell of a flower, a site of beautiful roses, branches of purple orchids hanging from tree trunk. 

Flowers are nature way of smiling.

Plants and flowers are green healers, within there delicate petals these marvelous beings hold the secrets to our better mood. Some researches prove that they are a source of infinite positive and healthy energy which impact on our health in most amazing ways.

Many studies have shown the healing effect flowers have on those who receive them as a gift, and those who regularly have flowers in their home. Studies show that people who are surrounded with flowers appear to be less depressed, anxious and agitated and on top of it they feel and look more satisfied in their daily life.

But, what is it about flowers that put you in such a good mood?

Clear Thinking:

Researchers have found that workers are more energetic, lively and have a better cognitive performance when they have fresh flowers at their workstations. We spend most of our day at work, so flowers can help reducing stress levels and are a source of positive energy.

Peaceful Sleep:

Flowers are gift of nature, they help in balancing Eco-system and their ability of healing have powerful impact on the environment where they are kept. If you have flowers around you in your home or at your side table in your bedroom you will automatically feel relax and will have better sleeping experience. 

Color Therapy:

Flowers have God gifted beauty, they are the diamonds of plant kingdom, there natural colors put an amazing impact on the environment where they flourish, whether it be outdoor or indoor they put a lasting effect and by using flowers strategically in your office or home, you can add soothing and lively colors which will act as a therapy with every step.

Beside above characteristics of flowers, there are many amazing species in flower kingdom which have mesmerizing beauty and very positive impact on nature and humans. Out of thousands of flowers I will discuss some of the known flowers here:


Lavender is a beautiful flower and, in many countries, you can found never ending farms of this beautiful specie. This flower has a tendency to decrease your anxious feelings through its sweet aroma.Image result for lavender

If you have dandruff, Lavender oil can help you improve your scalp conditions, You may have heard that breathing in the smell of lavender makes you drowsy; turns out, it`s true. Research suggest that heart rate and blood pressure come under control with the scent of lavender thus putting you in a calm state. You can put a handful of dried lavender in a vase in your room, side table or nightstand could be a good placement choice.


According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, people who looked at roses feel happier and more comfortable in their lives in compare to others.

Unbelievable health benefits of rose include:Image result for rose

It acts as a natural Aphrodisiac.

It helps in improving your metabolism.

It treats acne and pimples naturally.

Rose water can be used as a facial mist for dehydrated skin.

It assists in combating the symptoms of piles. 

It helps in relieving depression and stress. 


Orchids are used to enhance the positive energy in homes, Orchids are the symbol of wealth, love and beauty. Because it is symbolized as love, orchids are present during weddings and highly suggested by florists.C:UsersRafiq AwanDesktopsavingjini.jpg

Orchids plants are also know as balance of Eco system in forests, they add beauty to nature and also display a pleasing site when kept indoor, a display of beautiful Orchids in your room will not only give a pleasant look but will also act as a strong agent to boost your mood.

Many Orchid flowers are famous for their medical qualities. Even in ancient times Orchid flowers were used in-terms of medicine. Orchid contain healing powers that helps in treating various conditions such as bleeding, diabetes, constipation, headaches and dysentery. Beside its healing abilities Orchids are also used in making of mouthwatering and aromatic delicacies. Flower could also be used in cake decorations.

It is amazing to find so many qualities in Orchid flowers, they can be called as all-rounders in the world of flowers due to their numerous merits which include medicinal use, edibility and decorations.

The overwhelming reason why we like to be surrounded by flowers is, of course, their innate beauty. However, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should welcome flowers into your home — like their mood-boosting health benefits!

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